# 110993

Environmental Project Manager

Westminster, Colorado
Construction (Commercial)
Willing to Travel: No
Willing to Relocate: Yes

Profile and Projects

She has extensive experience in managing environmental and reconstruction projects across multiple states, demonstrating her ability to oversee complex operations and coordinate team efforts to ensure smooth and safe project execution.

Environmental Remediation Projects: With a background in managing asbestos and lead abatement, they are highly suited for environmental cleanup and hazardous material removal in residential, commercial, multifamily, and medical facilities.

Reconstruction and Restoration Projects: Experience as a Reconstruction Superintendent makes them ideal for projects involving rebuilding and restoring properties after damage, ensuring quality control, scheduling, and compliance with building permits and inspections.

Commercial Construction Projects: Their ability to handle complex projects and coordinate multiple stakeholders is beneficial for commercial construction projects requiring detailed planning, vendor management, and adherence to safety and quality standards.

Multifamily Housing Projects: Experience with multifamily facilities suggests proficiency in managing large-scale residential projects, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining high safety and quality standards.

Medical Facilities Construction: Proficiency in handling the specific requirements of medical facilities, which often involve stringent regulatory compliance and high standards for safety and cleanliness.

Compliance and Permitting Projects: Expertise in acquiring permits and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations make them an asset in projects requiring meticulous adherence to legal standards and extensive documentation.

Complex Renovation Projects: Strong problem-solving skills and ability to manage detailed reporting and stakeholder communication would be advantageous in complex renovation projects involving multiple phases and intricate logistical planning.

CO State Supervisor License, 40 HR Supervisor AHERA, 40 HR Hazwoper, 8 HR Hazwoper Supervisor, Lead

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