A Visionary Approach to Human-Centric Recruitment

Who We Are

Founded amidst challenge and ambition, Scott Humphrey emerged as a visionary response to the conventional recruitment industry. AJ and Ashley, understanding that authenticity and connection at a team level must champion simple numbers, began our firm in 2020. Scott Humphrey is a company that is proudly employee-first.

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Making People the Biggest Part of Everything We Do

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Empower. Excel. Evolve

We're more than just recruiters; we're architects of a new industry standard. Our mission is simple yet profound – to empower our team so they can empower you.

By putting our people first, we ensure that every placement, every client interaction, and every decision is infused with authenticity, integrity, and excellence.

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Building Bridges. Fostering Success

Specializing in construction, F&A, and digital marketing, we've mastered the art of matching exceptional talent with leading companies. Our team-first approach has made us trailblazers in these sectors, offering tailored solutions that resonate with both candidates and clients.

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Fueling Innovation. Our Culture

At Scott Humphrey, culture isn’t just a buzzword – it's our foundation.

From 'being in flow' to fostering boundless creativity, we've created an environment where every team member thrives, and every client and candidate benefits from this vibrancy and dedication.

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Empowering Careers. Driving Success

To candidates – we're your career champions, connecting you to opportunities that align with your ambitions.

To clients – we're your strategic partners, providing talent that drives your company forward.

To our team – you're our greatest asset, and your growth and well-being are paramount.